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Local Artisan Collection



Locally Created, Nationally Celebrated!

Our Local Artisan Collection features a curated assortment of exciting new designs created by talented local florists from across the country.

Each unique, handcrafted arrangement is available exclusively for delivery nationwide!

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Meet Our Showcase Designers!

Each year, hosts a number of Local Artisan Design Workshops, bringing together select groups of florists from across the country to discuss trends, share ideas and collaborate with its product development and merchandising teams.

As part of these workshops, florists use their creativity and design expertise to develop unique product concepts for seasonal and everyday occasions. Exceptional designs are selected to become part of the Local Artisan Collection, and the arrangements become available for sale nationwide.

Let's meet some of our most celebrated designers!

  • Ann Marie Pierce Florist, Baldwin, NY

    A veteran of the floral industry, Ann Marie has owned and operated her current shop for nearly 20 years. She has a thriving wedding flower business, the result of her many enthusiastic referrals. Her designs are Splendid & Sweet™ and Sunburst Bouquet™.

  • Ashlee Roberson

    Simply Roses, Ormond Beach, FL

    Ashlee started working in her parents’ family-owned floral shop when she was six.  Today, she is the owner and head designer of her own shop, where works alongside her husband, mother and sisters. Ashlee’s featured design is the Vibrant Gem Bouquet™.

  • Breanna Cartwright

    Fresh Ideas Flower Company, Modesto, CA

    Breanna’s love affair with flowers began when she took a floriculture class in high school. Now, as an accomplished floral designer for more than 16 years, she has created four arrangements for the 2019 Local Artisan Collection: Spring Surprise Bouquet™,  Always On My Mind™ Flower BouquetVibrant Floral Medley™ and Enchanting Unicorn™.

  • Develyn Reed Florist, Stafford, VA

    Develyn’s hidden talent as a floral designer was discovered when she was working as a part-time sales associate in a local shop. Now, as head designer and store manager of the shop, her amazing creations are well-known throughout the local area. Develyn’s featured arrangements are Mother’s Embrace™ and Sensational Spring Beauty™.

  • Jackie Lacey

    Floriology Institute, Jacksonville, FL

    A highly-accredited and award-winning floral designer, Jackie’s industry experience spans 32 years. A former retail florist, today Jackie serves as Director of Education and Industry Relations for the Floriology Institute, where he shares his passion for floral design with florists across the country. His creation is the Modern Rose & Gerbera Daisy Bouquet.

  • Margaret Fleegal Floral Design, Fairfax, VA

    Margaret began her floral career in the mass market industry, where she discovered a desire to create her own designs. She began to learn everything she could about the business and worked to develop her own unique style, eventually opening her own shop nearly 25 years ago. Margaret’s design is Sunset Passion™.

  • Matthew Wolfhart

    Floral Concepts, Houston, TX

    Matt’s mother was a florist and taught him the art of floral design, as well as how to operate a flower shop. Today, Matt and his wife own five floral shops in greater Houston. He designed the Radiant Gem™ Bouquet.

  • Vivian Chang’s in Los Angeles, CA

    With a love of both flowers and being creative, Vivian started designing arrangements as a part-time job when she was in college. As soon as she finished school, she opened her own floral shop. A florist now for 35 years, Vivian happily enlists her husband and sons as holiday help. Vivian’s design is By The Seashore.

  • Wendell Cook

    Nancy’s Floral, Gresham, OR

    Wendell’s degree in horticulture has served him well during his nearly 60 years as a floral designer. His career in the floral industry began when he worked in greenhouses after college. He then went into business for himself, taking his family along for the ride. Wendell’s creation is Bountiful Basket™.

  • Yunus Daginawala’s in Encino, CA

    An award-winning floral designer for eight years and counting, Yunus loves flowers, but his passion for pizza is a close second. Yunus was introduced to the floral business by his uncle who also owns a flower shop in the area. Hawaiian Hugs & Kisses™ was designed by Yunus.