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Submit Real-Time DLC's

Submitting Real-Time Delivery Notifications

Now there are more ways to submit Delivery Notifications in real-time!

Today’s consumer expects real-time visibility into the status of their order.  It is no longer enough to submit Delivery Notifications at the end of a driver’s trip because consumers expect to know about their delivery as soon as it is completed or attempted.

When you provide us with accurate and timely Delivery Confirmations (DLCs) and/or Delivery Attempt Notifications (DLAs) immediately following the delivery of an order, we are better able to inform a customer about the status of their order.  This helps us better manage customer expectations and provide a superior, well-informed level of customer service.  As a result, the electronic submission of a delivery notification in real-time often results in reduced CSI's. 

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Flexible Submission Options

  • FREE Mobile App: “Route4Me” for Business Management Solution customers
  • NEW Texting Line: 1-855-TEXT-DLC (1-855-839-8352)
  • Call Us:1-855-839-8352
  • Online: BloomLink

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